Industry Overview

Economic growth of a country is often inferred by its planning and infrastructure. With the current government’s dynamic vision of India, it is putting all its strength in terms of growth reforms in emerging sectors like Transportation and Logistics, Technology, Communication, and others to improve competencies for delivery while at the same time reducing costs.

Key players in this sector like Nisha Roadways are making intensive efforts to keep pace with this growth. It was a shot in the arm for this industry segment when the Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari announced the first 1300 km long express highway project in the remotest northeast region. Empowering its efforts, the government’s emphasis on initiatives such as “Make in India” is set to enhanced domestic production, which will give another boost to the logistics industry.

Sailing on the digital wave, the industry is now offering digitized solutions and key resolutions through the entire supply chain for online freight services, cargo transportation, and other essential facilities. Advanced technologies which companies are adopting are RFID for systems and inventory, GPS for tracking, and others will demonstrate its urgency to progress.

Furthermore, GST with its simplified tax structure will benefit the industry and improve its operations in freight forwarding, transportation and logistics faster delivery options, improved connectivity.

With many milestones still to be achieved Transportation and Logistics industry is marching ahead with sustained efforts to reach its optimal capacity.